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Celebrities Who Hate The Characters They Are Known For

Some celebrities certainly dislike reliving their onscreen past. While being an actor allows them to take on different personas, histories, and motivations, the end result isn’t necessarily satisfying. What’s worse? When you are forever recognized for portraying a particular role that you’ve come to loathe. That’s when the comparisons and references become endless. Unfortunately, some celebrities simply can’t escape their past onscreen selves, no matter how hard they try.Of course, the intense dislike isn’t always connected to a bad script or a poorly constructed fictional character. Sometimes, actors hate all the fame that comes with becoming an overnight sensation. On-screen roles can be a blessing or they can be a curse. It’s, indeed, a gambling game for many. Some fans may be surprised to find out their most beloved TV and movie characters are hated by the very actors who played them. For better or worse, certain onscreen roles are career defining. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve gathered all the celebrities who feel this way, and you might be surprised by some of these revelations. Whether they hated their characters or the nerve-wrecking fame that came along with it, let’s take a look at all the celebrities who seriously dislike the roles they are best known for.

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