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Mississippi School District Will Still Deliver School Lunches Along Bus Routes In Response To Viral Pandemic

Schools may be out because of the viral pandemic, but that doesn’t mean students are not being cared for.

The Moss Point School District in Moss Point, MS has taken it upon themselves to ensure that 1,600 kids not only receive their school work but are still being fed breakfast and lunch.

Bus drivers travel down the road, blowing their horns to alert the students they are on their street. They have created designated bus stops for kids to receive their food. 

According to the school district’s Communications Director, JaLeasa Walden, this is an all hands on deck approach, as the faculty and staff understand just how important this is.

“We not only drop off meals but we also provide and deliver student’s work! They also have the option of picking up breakfast and lunch along with their school work but we take it to them too!!

Bus drivers, bus monitors, interventionists, teacher assistants, and administrative assistants at schools are running the bus routes, Walden added. Cafeteria workers and administrative assistants are helping out at each school site.”

Not only are students receiving nourishment, they are also receiving their course work. In a statement to WLOX, Walden also stated, “It is so important for our students not to lose instructional times. Our parents are doing a great job of instructing our Tiger Scholars at home, but we wanted to make sure that they have materials in front of them so that they are still learning and receiving some type of educational services.”

Governor Tate Reeves has ordered schools closed until April 17. MPHS District will continue to provide breakfast and lunch until that time. 

School districts, along with colleges and universities, all over the country have closed down, due to the viral pandemic. Teachers have relied on technology in order to help their students succeed.


Source: https://www.wlox.com/2020/03/20/moss-point-school-buses-still-running-deliver-meals-students/?fbclid=IwAR3S1ahJp5X9RRQTvpzbuznhv6KXRmGdpw-FctTChm7jaESyy8Ey5mJKYwI


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