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[PREMIERE] Chee Gets Unbelievably Deep On New Single “Blood Thirsty,” on Deadbeats

Sometimes you hear a song, even for the first time, and it gives you absolute chills. That feeling halfway between “holy shit what is this?” and “mom, come pick me up, I’m scared.”

“Blood Thirsty” by Chee is that song.

Wildly eerie and deeply uncomfortable in its instrumentation, “Blood Thirsty” will be your new favorite song to test out bass on a system. It’s unbelievable how deep Chee was able to make this bass on this masterpiece, littered with disturbing, squelching, wet synths and “things that go bump in the night” foley effects. And even more so, that it still comes out sounding like a fully-fleshed out song.

“My 2nd single off the Quarter Inch EP titled ‘Blood Thirsty’ is an eerie, dark piece I wrote specifically to get under your skin. The uncomfortable emptiness in this song is both unsettling yet welcoming. Definitely had a blast writing this and hope the feeling remains the same while listening.” – CHEE

Chee was named one of Your EDM’s Artists To Watch in 2020, and he’s living up to that expectation famously. Check out “Blood Thirsty” below, out now on Deadbeats.

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