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R-Rated Actors In G-Rated Movie Roles

We’ve covered actors in their first R-rated movies, as well as G-rated actors in R-rated movies, and now we’re going for the reverse of the latter: R-rated actors in G-rated movies. What does that mean? Well, it covers some different ground. We’re looking for those family films starring fish-out-of-water action stars. And we want other tough-guy actors, like Ice Cube, playing it down for a more wholesome audience.Comedies love this formula. Ever since Kindergarten Cop, Hollywood has churned out similar flicks starring hulking brutes and adorable toddlers. It’s a modern version of 3 Godfathers with John Wayne or Cary Grant in Father Goose. It’s funny seeing macho dudes and tough ladies playing nice. We love it, too. It makes for silly, goofy, stupid fun. Here are our favorites:

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