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Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss and Allison Holker: A Day in Our Life

The fun never stops in Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker’s house. Every day, the couple likes to stay busy with the two activities they love the most: dancing and spending time with their children.

“We start our days off with a Boss Family Workout every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Instagram Live,” the pair exclusively reveal in the new issue of Us Weekly. “It’s fun and easy for the whole family.”

Since the start of the pandemic, the So You Think You Can Dance alums — who wed in 2013 — have also been entertaining their millions of followers on TikTok with numerous dance routines.

Dancing is “a time for us to come together and just let loose, have a good time,” the Dancing With the Stars pro, 32, told Us in February, “We always end up smiling and laughing with each other during it. No matter what’s happening in the day, we know we can check in with each other and dance and it kind of makes everything go away and it’s so much better.”

Most of their day, however, is spent bonding with their children: Holker’s daughter, Weslie, 12 — whom she shares from a previous relationship — as well as Maddox, 4, and Zaia, 7 months.

Boss, 37, and Holker usually fit in one-on-one time with each of the kids first and then come together as a family for a joint activity, such as a picnic. “We always try to have snack time outside to get some daily Vitamin D,” says the pair.

Being together also gives the parents an opportunity to talk about current events — like child poverty. The duo, who teamed up with Walgreens’ Red Nose Day campaign in May, add that it’s crucial to inform their kids “about the importance of helping children and communities in need throughout the country.”

Keep scrolling to see Boss and Holker’s family-fun-filled day in action.

10 a.m.

First thing on their agenda? Shaking their tail feathers!

Courtesy of Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker

11 a.m.

Afterward, the Ellen DeGeneres Show DJ has “daddy playtime” with Zaia.

Courtesy of Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker

12 p.m.

Weslie makes whipped coffee for the group. Brewtiful job!

Courtesy of Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker

2 p.m.

Life’s a picnic for the Bosses! The family of five enjoy the pretty summer weather outdoors.

Courtesy of Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker

3 p.m.

“We love catching our kids playing together!” says the pair.

Courtesy of Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker

4 p.m.

Grab the swimmies! It’s time for a dip with Maddox!

Courtesy of Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker

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