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Stripper Who Fell Off Pole Visits The Wendy Show & Receives $10K

Roomies, Genea Sky sat down with Wendy Williams and received a $10K scholarship to finish beauty school. With her mouth wired shut, the now former stripper also expressed we will not see her on a pole anytime soon.

Initial reports indicated that she would not receive any assistance from her place of employment because she isn’t full time, but it looks like they’ve had a change of heart.

Genea said:

“I spoke with the GM. I’ve been in contact with him.  Apparently they’ve been trying to contact me, but they had the wrong number on file. I spoke to them and they said they are gonna help me out. I don’t know exactly how much it’s gonna cost. That’s something that will be covered over time.

Wendy stated that she didn’t have any external injuries. Genea stated they were there but were internal.

“All of my injuries are internal. You can’t see the injury. It’s there.”

At one point of time, Genea tweeted:

“I will be posting updates of my progress on here and my Instagram. And as soon as I’m healed and cleared to work again, I will be right back at XTC Cabaret in Dallas, TX putting on the same show.”

But it looks like she’s had a change of heart. She told Wendy, “There is something I really, really, really wanted to say. If anything at all, I’m taking this as a blessing. I’ve been praying to get out of the strip club for a very long time.”

Wendy also gave her a scholarship to help the Texas native start her new life,

“We wanna give you a $10,000 scholarship to finish beauty school and continue on your new life.”

Congrats on Genea and her new life. Can’t be mad at that.


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