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The Best Before And After Makeover Movies

It’s no secret that Hollywood loves a good ole’ transformation tale. Thankfully, most of us enjoy watching these films, too! The classic trope of a particularly plain duckling who eventually turns into a sexy, jaw-dropping swan isn’t profound but it sure is entertaining to watch. In most cases, there is always a heartthrob at hand. In addition to his timeless good looks, this gentleman is more than eager to usher the leading lady in a glamorous direction. So when she finally transforms into an ethereal sight after a proper makeover, he can’t help but fall for this new and improved version. Sure such fables are reductive and totally problematic, but you can’t set the bar too high for the silver screen. In movies, it’s so easy to change your fortunes. Just take off those glasses, invest in a new wardrobe, and get a haircut. Ta-dah! You’re a different (supposedly better) person. Such is the world of the makeover movie.If you are down for a fun time filled with experimenting makeup and style, then these movies will surely do it for you. So if you are in the mood to consume some spectacular sartorial pivots, then you are luck. We have concocted a list of delightful makeover movies that prove the possibilities are truly endless. From an unassuming princess with ghastly eyebrows, to the effervescent Josie Grossy, to a gorgeous maid in Manhattan, this list has got a little something something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax, and get ready to cry your heart out as you scroll through this list of iconic movie makeovers.

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