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THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From ANNIHILATOR, MIDNIGHT, and More Out Today – 1/24

This week’s new heavy metal releases include thrash legends, weird darkness, dooooooooooooooom, and more!

To the metals…

Annihilator – Ballistic, Sadistic 

Label: Silver Lining

Canada’s thrash legends Annihilator have returned with their seventeenth album of shredding, groovy goodness. Jeff Waters and company are bringing it here with new jams like “I Am War” that stand up next to the earliest classics. This is a thrash masterclass…say it with me…Thrashterclass. Hey Jeff Waters, there’s your eighteenth album title on me.


Caspian – On Circles

Genre: Post-rock
Origin: Beverly, Massachusetts
Label: Triple Crown Records

Now for something more chill. Caspian are definitely on the rock side of the whole post-___ thing (i.e. not super metal), but god damn do their songs carry a weight light a crushing Neurosis swell. This is an immersive and emotional journey that is certainly worth your time.


Konvent – Puritan Masochism

Genre: Doom
Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
Label: Napalm

You want some doom? Konvent have you covered. This young Danish band bring lurching rhythms and slow riffs on their debut. Vocalist Rikke Emilie List is a god damned monster on this.


Midnight – Rebirth by Blasphemy

Genre: Speed/black metal
Origin: Cleveland, Ohio
Label: Metal Blade

Jamie Waters aka Athenar is bringing zero frills on his homage to the early days of evil metal. Rebirth by Blasphemy sounds like an album trying to out-spooky Venom while doing so with Motorhead‘s attitude. It’s one I can already see getting crossover love from your more hip music connoisseurs.


Nero Di Marte – Immoto

Genre: Progressive death metal
Origin: Bologna, Italy
Label: Season of Mist

On their third album Nero Di Marte are once again bringing the spooky prog metal to their fans. Songs are lengthy, rhythms are weird, and chords are dissonant. This one should please fans of Ulcerate and Dysrhythmia alike.


Thy Catafalque – Naiv

Genre: Avant-garde metal
Origin: Budapest, Hungary
Label: Season Of Mist

Speaking of solid prog, I am happy to welcome Thy Catafalque back to my eardrums. You’re still getting a lot of weirdness with Naiv, but this is more about the variety of sounds than Nero Di Marte’s approach. This one is more for fans of Borknagar since it’s kinda folky and fans Sigh since it sounds like a ton of shit thrown in a blender.


Kirk Windstein – Dream in Motion 

Genre: Sludge/rock
Origin: Middlesex, England
Label: eOne

That one dude you recognize from Crowbar, whose also in Down, and the one that’s not in Hatebreed but is in Kingdom of Sorrow (golly, this guy works), is setting out on his own for the first time. Dream in Motion features unmistakable Windstein sludge with his memorable riffs and trademark gruff vocals, but he seems more adventurous than ever before. Evidence of that adventure is the fact that this LP concludes with a Jethro Tull cover, which I wasn’t expecting, but was pleased by.


Also dropping today…

Blasphemer – The Sixth Hour (Candlelight) – Brutal/technical death metal
Blue Oyster Cult – Hard Rock Live Cleveland 2014 (Frontiers) – Rock
Bohren & der Club of Gore – Patchouli Blue (Ipecac Recordings) – Ambient/jazz
Breaking Benjamin – Aurora (Hollywood) – Rock
Brothers Of Metal – Emblas Saga (AFM Records) – Heavy/power metal
Davey Suicide – Rock Ain’t Dead (Out Of Line/InGrooves) – “Gutter goth rock”
Dawn of Solace – Waves (Noble Dream) – Melodic death metal/doom
Defiled – Infinite Regress (Season Of Mist) – Death metal
Dirty Shirley – Dirty Shirley (Frontiers) – Rock
Fear Is Dead – Assimilation (Self-Released) – Metalcore/groove metal
Hazzerd – Delirium (M-Theory) – Thrash
Marko Hietala – Pyre of the Black Heart (Nuclear Blast) – Folk metal
Märvel – Märvelous (The Sign Records) – Hard rock
Higher Power – 27 Miles Underwater (Roadrunner Records) – Hardcore
Jordablod – The Cabinet of Numinous Song (Iron Bonehead) – Black metal
Jorn – Heavy Rock Radio II: Executing The Classics (Frontiers) – Heavy metal
Mortiis – Spirit of Rebellion (Omnipresence) – Industrial
Novelist – C’est La Vie (SharpTone Records) – Metalcore
Revolution Saints – Rise (Frontiers) – Hard rock
Silent Planet – The Night God Slept Redux (Solid State) – Metalcore
Surgical Strike – Part of a Sick World (Metalville) – Thrash/power metal
Temperance – Viridian (Napalm) – Melodic heavy metal
Raphael Weinroth-Browne – Worlds Within (Self-released) – Ethereal cello
Worm – Gloomlord (Iron Bonehead) – “Floridian Funeral Doom”
Zifir – Demoniac Ethics (Duplicate) – Black metal

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