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Westminster Dog Show: Irish water spaniel removed after outburst at judge

An Irish water spaniel was removed from the final night of the Westminster Dog Show after lunging at a judge, losing her composure and refusing to be examined Tuesday.

The issues for Simone, also known as GCH CH Poole’s Ide Say No More CD RN CGC, appeared to begin when the judge — reportedly Theresa Hundt — tried to walk past her during the group judging stage Tuesday night.

Simone immediately lunged toward Hundt, who stepped away to give Simone some space. With the help of handler Hannah Loonsk, Simone calmed down briefly, but jumped away from Hundt when the judge tried to restart the judging process.

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Eventually, with Simone still agitated by Hundt’s presence, the dog was disqualified, taking a walk of shame out of the Madison Square Garden floor.

Some viewers, though, believed Hundt may have stepped on Simone’s paw, causing the outburst. It’s hard to tell from the video, but even if Hundt didn’t make contact with the paw, it’s possible just a near-miss — combined with the nerves of being on the biggest stage in American dog showing — was enough to spook the Irish Water Spaniel.

Loonsk, however, didn’t seem to be in an accusatory mood after the snafu, being “all smiles” according to The Canine Review. Simone can still go home with her head held high, having been named the best Irish water spaniel on display in New York.

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